Who we are

Fruit is our world

We have been selecting top quality fresh fruit for more than fifty years to bring you and your family the best juices.

For us, fruit is a synonym for health and pleasure. That’s why we handle our raw material with extreme care and strive to offer you the best possible variety of products.

To achieve this goal, we have the latest technologies and the best team of professionals, who work very hard through the manufacturing process to get the best possible end result, from the selection of raw materials to the final, ready-to-use product.

It is thanks to all this effort and commitment we have become a major player in the fruit juice industry in Spain.

50 years of


In 1962, Juan Valverde decided to start a juice business in the fertile farming region known as Huerta de Murcia, where he had easy access to the best quality fresh produce.

The brand name “Juver” comes from a portmanteau of the founder’s name (Juan Valverde). The company has been a proponent of healthy living from the beginning. In fact, in 1985 Juver supported the creation of basketball team CB Juver Murcia, who are part of Spain’s first tier level league Liga ACB.

Throughout the 1990s, Juver went through a process of complete modernisation and dynamic innovation which brought the firm to the forefront of juice manufacturers.




selling points





Fruit is our passion


The group

Juver is part of the Italian group Conserve Italia, which is one of Europe’s leading firms in the agri-food sector. As stated in their mission statement, the goal of the group is to achieve the highest value on the products supplied by their farmer associates.

Conserve Italia seeks to fulfil consumers’ needs by processing these products into finished goods which are marketed and sold under the Group’s brands.

The Group’s mission is to provide the best possible end result by guaranteeing a quality assurance system throughout the supply chain, from seed to finished product.

Human team

Juver carries out its activities in an ethical and professional way

At Juver we have a Code of Ethics and Conduct that sets out the principles, values and basic moral and ethical foundations that everyone who works at the company knows and shares, ensuring at all times that the legislation in force is observed.


We are continuously on the lookout for new sustainable and natural ingredients

In Juver we are constantly developing new products and ideas to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding market. Our development strategy is based on four pillars: food safety, taste, health and nutrition.

Our R&D Team consists of a multidisciplinary group of qualified professionals that are constantly looking for new functional and natural ingredients with the aim of developing new products and creating added value in accordance with the strictest quality and food safety standards.

We also have a fully equipped on-site laboratory to support each stage of the production process.

In Juver, we seek to play an active role in the development of research projects. We believe that to achieve excellence and remain in the forefront of research and development, it is essential to establish collaborations with cutting-edge research teams. We are currently working on multidisciplinary research projects with different public and private universities and technology centres.