Quality control

Since its foundation, Juver has been committed to giving our customers and consumers the best quality standards.

To achieve this goal, we have obtained all the necessary human and material resources and implemented a comprehensive Integrated Management System in order to meet the most important quality and food safety standards requirements, namely:

Our certificates

Examination of all
the processes

Conformity to the above standards has been achieved through the development of strategies and preventive plans based on a thorough examination of all the processes taking place throughout our entire production chain. This careful examination guarantees the quality and safety of our products, which are subject to rigorous quality controls before being marketed.

To create added value, we pay special attention to the wellbeing of those consumers who are intolerant to certain substances (e.g. gluten, lactose, milk proteins, etc.). We have implemented numerous measures to avoid cross-contamination.

Quality and safety

The main objectives of our Quality and Food Safety Management systems are:

  • To identify and constantly assess legal requirements in order to make conformity to standards a priority.
  • To develop high level training programmes aimed at ensuring best food safety practices on our sites.
  • To set up:
    • Quality control plans for raw materials as well as finished products.
    • Quality control plans for processes.
    • Identification and traceability systems for raw materials and products.
    • Control systems for suppliers and subcontractors